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Expert Sessions

Ask the Experts is a series of roundtable sessions for which attendees have pre-registered. A short presentation by an "Expert" table host will ensue, followed by a question and answer session facilitated by this Expert.

The following sessions have been selected from a great number of submissions on topics most related to this year's leadership theme.

9:15 AM Sessions

"Leading with a Shared Vision"

Marilyn will walk participants though the process of building a strong shared vision that will help employees "get there." Participants will walk away having created their own 5-year vision statement and tools to lead their teams through visioning sessions at their office

Marilyn Roach

Director, Block Club

"Accountability/Coaching/Expectations (ACE)"

Whether you are a mentor, a new manager or in your role for a long time, come learn how to create winning teams by executing with the ACE strategy.  The importance of providing clear expectations early in your role is discussed, along with holding associates accountable by coaching when performance doesn't match expectations.   You will also learn about how you can establish a culture of accountability by creating ownership around mutually agreed upon expectations.


Leadership Development Executive, ADP

"Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation in Your Company"

Ben will discuss a reliable and repeatable innovation strategy that includes the creation and implementation of new ideas. This session will explore the characteristics of both an innovation culture and an innovation process from the perspective of senior leadership. Participants will leave with a practical understanding of the building blocks of innovation-- culture and process--and the role they play as senior managers in developing and sustaining both.

Ben Rand

President, Insyte Consulting

"Building Your Future One Leader at a Time"

Presentation will begin with a short Leadership self-assessment to help identify leadership styles. Behavior models will be created with techniques, tools, and desired outcomes for each style. Participants will learn how to create a model to develop leaders and create succession strategy.

MJ Caliendo

Group Chair, Vistage

10:15 AM Sessions

"Company Culture that Motivates Champions"

Do your people want to be at work? It's been proven that when people believe in more then just their paycheck they work harder, smarter, and more inline with a leaders objectives. This session will provide hands on exercises and examples of ways you can create a culture of buy-in, one where you can identify those people that already demonstrate success then grow and encourage them to spread that among the whole company.

You can either choose to define your company culture or you can let your company define it for you (and many times you don't like that result). It starts at the top and reaches the most distant employees but requires some forethought and planning which we will address and let you leave with tools that you can use immediately.

Joel Colombo

President, 360 PSG Inc.

"Mentally Tough Leadership"

Matt will define mental toughness and its roots of a core set of beliefs, defined behaviors, and actions. When a leader develops mental toughness, he or she will be able to better work through changes and challenges. Workbook exercises will be used to explain concepts and provide tools for implementation, and walk away with an actionable plan.

Matt Petroski

Faculty Member, Mental Toughness University

"Most Challenging Aspects of Leadership - and How to Overcome Them"

Liz will lead a discussion on the 5 top challenges that today's business leaders face. Participants will walk through each challenge, and understand why they are crucial for effective leadership of a profitable business. Most importantly, participants will understand how to overcome these challenges to see immediate results within their companies.

Liz Warren

VP of HR, Employer Services Corporation

"Authentic Leadership: Using Your Personal Strengths to Succeed"

Participants will understand why it's important to focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. They will discuss tools for identifying strengths and understand strategies to manage around weaknesses. Participants can expect to take away one or two potential strengths and receive tools to identify additional strengths, including opportunities to apply strengths as often as possible.

Jessica Schimert

Business Consultant and Instructor, Canisius College